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Resolved - Some specific card payment errors occurred on 23th Nov.


The error reported yesterday was handled as of November 23rd, 15:00 (KST).

If there is any payment error,

 1. PC or mobile?

 2. Browser name

 3. Screen capture of error message

please post them together on 1:1 QnA, we will promptly check with the PG to confirm the contents of the error.

Thank you.



Data transmission/reception error-block processing between some specific Cards BIN (Bank Identification Number) and Tosspayments(Paymenet gate system)


[Processing status​]​

1. We requested Tosspayments to modify and run to the operating server as an urgent matter, and we will notify you again as soon as the exact schedule comes out.​

2. We are reviewing the application of another payment system. This will also be announced separately after reviewing the development schedule.


We apologize for any inconvenience caused.​ 

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