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  • [Orders/Payments] Why do the products shown vary by shipping location?

    Products that are restricted or prohibited by each region cannot be purchased, so only a list of products that can be purchased is shown when selecting a shipping location. 

  • [Others] How many products are there at At.G Mall?


    • ​A total of 50 products will be exhibited as 24 dry food products, 20 cosmetic products, and 6 other products, but may differ depending on the shipping location. In addition, products released by the relevant corporation cannot be purchased. 
    • And items that can be purchased at At.G Mall will be added continuously. 


  • [Exchange/Returns] Is exchange/return possible?

    Sorry, but exchanges/returns using At.G Mall are not possible.

    Checking the checkbox at the order/payment stage can be considered as consent for this content. ​ 

  • [Returns/Refunds] What happens in the case of a product defect other than a simple change of mind?

    Sorry for the inconvenience, please use At.G Mall's 1:1 Counseling inquiries.


    1. Please submit within 7 days of delivery completion.

    2. Log-in At.G Mall > Customer Center > 1:1 Counseling inquiries.

    3. Please write and attach the image of the defective product and send it back if you submit it.

    *In particular, please take a photo that falls under the following two categories.

    (1) Condition of the product

    (2) Barcode and number at the bottom of the product

  • [Shipping] What happens to damage, loss, or omission during shipping?

    • 1. User's own mistake (incorrect address, information) _ Non-compensatory user responsibility
    • 2. Damage or loss during delivery _ If proof is possible, the logistics company will process insurance.  
  • [Orders/Payments] Until when can I cancel my order/sales?

    The order/payment and sales date designation at At.G Mall are all based on the 'Korean date and time'.

    Cancellation of sales is possible until 7:00 a.m. the next day from the date of order in Korea.

    However, once export declaration has started, cancellation is not possible.



  • [About PV] Is it possible to specify a sales date?

    It is not possible to specify the sales date at At.G Mall. 

    The purchase date is designated as the sales date and cannot be changed by the manual or by the manager.

  • [Shipping] What is the shipping cost?

    • Shipping cost is automatically calculated and displayed based on product weight and regional unit price.
    • Atomy Korea pays separately for agency fees, international airline fuel surcharges, and export customs fees incurred at At.G Mall.
    • However, it can generate additional import clearance costs for shipping purposes arrival area must be paid by the goods recipient. 
  • [Others] In which countries is the At.G Mall's service open?

    Currently, there are a total of 15 countries in the first service opened, and the regions are exposed when you log in to the site.

    (As of June 23, 2021 service opening date)

    ☞Asia (6) Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Mongolia, Singapore, Taiwan

    ☞America (2) USA, Canada 

    ☞Europe (5) Germany, Switzerland, UK, Italy, France 

    ☞Oceania (2) Australia, New Zealand 

  • [Others] If I have an Atomy ID, can I purchase items at At.G Mall?

    Currently, you can purchase after logging in for Atomy global Atomy members, excluding those in Korea, China and India.

    Integrated global members can also log in and purchase. ​ 

  • [Shipping] Is there a way to check the import customs regulations of each region?

  • [Exchange / Returns] How do I request an exchange/return?

    We are sorry, but exchange/refund due to simple change of mind is not possible at At.G Mall. 

  • [Order/Payments] What are the payment methods?

    At.G Mall, only credit cards issued overseas - VISA/MASTER/JCB/UNIONPAY payment are accepted.

    *Credit cards issued in Korea are not accepted  

  • [Orders / Payments] What to do in case of card payment error?

    In case of payment error, please check the action method through the link below.








    And for other errors, please contact 1:1 QnA board.

    If you take a screenshot and upload it along with the name of the browser you are using at the time of payment, you can check it more quickly. 

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