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Payment error from safari browser

There were issues claim regarding the payment error when ordering from Safari browser.

Please check the below instruction and follow them.

If you still have errors, contact us through 1:1 Q&A board from At.G Mall.


Thank you.


[Cause of error]

Error might have caused by enhanced safari browser security after IOS 11.3 update.



[How to take action]

1. If you pay on iOS Safari,


- iOS Settings -> Safari -> Set to Disable Forged Website Warning


- Set iOS Settings -> Safari -> Disable anti-tracking between sites.


2. Set it to allow cookies in your browser.

3. Set it to allow pop-up of your browser.


If an error occurs even if you set it as above, please pay through the Chrome app or Computer browser.



[Other Announcement]

-If you can't pay in the Mac OS environment safari browser, please use the Chrome browser.

-If you can't pay for the 11th version of Explorer, please remove '' from the Explorer Tool > Compatibility View settings.

-If you can't pay from the 10th version of Explorer, please upgrade to the 11th version of Explorer or use the Chrome browser.

-If you can't pay in a Windows XP environment, please use a Chrome browser. 

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