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Guideline for the Payment Failure
2021-10-01 Ship From SOUTH KOREA

Dear Members,

Recently, there were many inquiries on payment failure.

Therefore, we would like to inform you the guideline for the Payment.

>>Go to TossPayments Guide


1. Sessoon Error

Reason for Occurrence: When the communication connection between the server and the terminal (PC, smart device) is temporarily cut off

▶ For smart devices

1. Clear Cache and Cookies in Internet Settings

 2. If you download the app and proceed, delete the app/boot and then download the app again and pay.

 3. When using Wifi, change to LTE before proceeding.

 4. If you are using a site search on Naver or Daum application, run the Internet default browser or Chrome browser and enter the address of the payment site directly into the Internet address bar to proceed with the payment.


▶ For PC

 1. After opening a new window in Explorer, click Menu->Internet Options->Delete and delete cookies and files.

 2. Close virus programs (tablet, V3, toolbar, etc.) and set compatibility view (dacom.net / lgdacom.net / uplus.co.kr)

 3. In the case of the same phenomenon as above, re-payment will proceed after 30 minutes.


2. What to do when payment fails in Chrome browser
▶ If the payment process is not working in Chrome, please set it up as follows.



※ The below instruction is only applied to the Chrome Browser. 

If you want to do as same with other browsers, please refer to the help center of the each browser.





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