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  • Is there a way to check the import customs regulations of each region?

    Japan - https://www.customs.go.jp/

    Taiwan -  https://web.customs.gov.tw/

    Singapore - https://www.customs.gov.sg/businesses/importing-goods/quick-guide-for-importers

    Malaysia - http://www.customs.gov.my/

    Hong Kong - http://www.customs.gov.hk/en/cargo_clearance/index.html

    Mongolia -  https://customs.gov.mn/

    USA - http://www.cbp.gov/trade/basic-import-export


    Canada -  www.cbsa-asfc.gc.ca

    UK - https://www.gov.uk/government/organisations/hm-revenue-customs

    Germany -  www.zoll.de

    France - https://www.douane.gouv.fr/

    Italy -  https://www.adm.gov.it/portale/

    Switzerland - https://www.ezv.admin.ch/ezv/en/home.html

    Australia -  https://www.abf.gov.au/

    New Zealand - https://www.customs.govt.nz/​  

  • What is the shipping cost?


    • Shipping cost is automatically calculated and displayed based on product weight and regional unit price.
    • Atomy Korea pays separately for agency fees, international airline fuel surcharges, and export customs fees incurred at At.G Mall.
    • However, it can generate additional import clearance costs for shipping purposes arrival area must be paid by the goods recipient. 
  • What happens to damage, loss, or omission during shipping?

    • 1. User's own mistake (incorrect address, information) _ Non-compensatory user responsibility​
    • 2. Damage or loss during delivery _ If proof is possible, the logistics company will process insurance.  
  • Where is international shipping available?

    Currently, there are a total of 15 countries in the first service opened, and the regions are exposed when you log in to the site.

    (As of June 23, 2021 service opening date)

    ☞Asia (6) Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Mongolia, Singapore, Taiwan

    ☞America (2) USA, Canada 

    ☞Europe (5) Germany, Switzerland, UK, Italy, France 

    ☞Oceania (2) Australia, New Zealand  

  • In which menu do you track shipments?

    ​After the export customs declaration is completed, an 'invoice number' is issued to enable tracking of the shipment. If the invoice number has been issued, a Delivery Tracking button is created in the status of the order history.

    HOME > Log-in > My Page > Order/Shipping



    • ​In the case of an order that occurred at At.G Mall, it proceeds as follows.


    Order and payment > Export customs declaration > Air transport waiting > Departure from Incheon Airport > Arrival at destination area > Import customs clearance > Local delivery > Customer delivery.

  • I missed receiving the product because I was absent. What should I do?

    Please check the message left by the logistics company to the member (e-mail, text message, note, etc.), and contact the customer center of the shipping company to check. 

  • Can I change the shipping address after placing an order?

    Change of shipping address can only be changed in the status of "Payment completed" in "Same Shipping Location".

    Please note that changes cannot be made when the export declaration is "Delivery preparation"!


    In "Payment Completed" status,

    you can “change delivery address” in Log-in > My Page > Order/Shipping.

  • If I purchase more than two products, can I specify the shipping address for each?

    Sorry, but that's not possible. Only one shipping address can be entered per order number. 

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