User Agreement

User Agreement

Chapter 1. General Provisions

Article 1. Purpose

This regulation aims to establish a sound and correct distribution culture and promote mutual prosperity between the Company and its members by ensuring both Atomy Co., Ltd and its members (hereinafter referred to as the “Members”) comply with the regulations in the sale of Atomy Co., Ltd goods (hereinafter referred to as the “Goods”) sold by Atomy Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”).

Article 2. Scope of Application

The management of Atomy Co., Ltd members shall be governed by the provisions of this regulation, unless otherwise provided for in a separate regulation.

Article 3. Application of Relevant Laws

This regulation is based on the “Act on Door-to-Door Sales, Etc.”

Article 4. Subject of Application

This regulation applies to all members registered with the Company.

Chapter 2. Member Registration

Article 5. Member Qualifications

Any Korean national may register as a Member without any restriction on qualification due to age, academic background, career, occupation, gender, religion, or physical disabilities. However, the registration of persons falling under the subparagraphs of Article 14 of the Act on Door-to-Door Sales, Etc., shall be restricted.

Article 6. Limitation on Registration

Those falling under any of the following shall be restricted from registration:

• Notwithstanding the above restrictions on registration, the Company may terminate the membership of a Member who registered in violation of the restrictions on registration specified above, and shall not be obliged to remedy any other disadvantage against the Member caused by the laws or restrictions imposed by the relevant agency prior to registration.

Article 7. Registration of New Members

Article 8. Approval of Member Qualifications

The membership shall take effect when the applicant is granted a unique membership number (ID) by the Company, and the approval of membership shall be under the sole authority of the Company.

Article 9. Definition of Member Qualifications

A Member registered with the Company shall be legally responsible for all activities he or she has performed as an independent Member who conducts sales activities on his or her own with respect to the business policies, marketing plans, and product purchases publicly presented by the Company.

Article 10. Member Information Management

At the time of registration, the Member shall clearly state his/her personal details, recommendations and sponsorship in accordance with the document procedures set by the Company, and responsibility for any defects in the submitted documents shall be borne by the submitting party. Furthermore, the Member shall notify the Company immediately of any changes made to his or her personal information (address, phone number, etc.) and other necessary information, and all responsibility (mail return, etc.) for non-notification shall be borne by the Member.

Chapter 3. Members’ Obligations

Article 11. Obligation to Acquire and Deliver Accurate Information

The Company shall provide all of the Company’s regulations and product information at the time of membership registration, and the Member shall familiarize himself or herself with all regulations and information at the same time as registration and deliver only the information officially presented by the Company, without any distortion or exaggeration of the content.

Article 12. Obligation of Due Diligence in Sales Activities

All Members shall engage in sales activities in accordance with company regulations once they have accurate information and confidence with regard to the Goods, after using the Goods themselves, and shall faithfully comply with the relevant laws and company regulations. All Members must provide their contact information to lower-level Members that they have recommended and sponsored and to the consumers (Members) who have purchased the Goods.

Article 13. Obligation to Provide Training Support and Complete Training

Since Members are paid allowances through faithful training support provided to lower-level members, they shall continue to perform their training and management duties for lower-level members and provide training according to their levels, and the Company may impose sanctions on those who have not completed training.

Article 14. Tax Obligations

If revenues are generated through the sale of Goods, etc., of the Company, all Members shall faithfully fulfill all tax obligations in accordance with the tax laws of the Republic of Korea.

Article 15. Obligation of Compliance with Relevant Laws and Regulations

All Members shall, upon registration, be deemed to have consented to the ‘Member Management Regulations,’ as well as the Company’s various other regulations. Therefore, Members shall comply with the relevant laws, as well as all regulations and training and management established by the Company, when conducting sales activities.

Chapter 4. Member Qualifications and Activities

Article 16. Membership Validity Period

The validity period of membership shall be from the following month of the last purchase to the last day of the following 12 months.
However, in cases where a new member fails to record a purchase for six months after his or her signup, the validity period of the new member shall expire at the end of the sixth month.

Article 17. Suspension of Allowances for Cancellation of Purchase

In cases where a person cancels the purchase of a recommended product (hereinafter referred to as a “Return”), the purchase contract shall expire retroactively, in which case the reason for the payment of the allowance expires, and the previously paid allowance constitutes an unlawful gain and must be recovered and deducted.

Article 18. Exchange and Return Exchange

Article 19. Change of Membership Title

In principle, a membership title may not be changed, except in the following cases:

Chapter 5. Prohibitions for Members and Termination of Membership

Article 20. Membership Registration Without Consent

A Member may not register (recommend/sponsor) a specific person as a low-level Member without his or her consent or register a specific person as a Member using an ID card and a copy of his or her bankbook received for other purposes, such as insurance.

Article 20-1 Prohibition of Registration Under Other Persons’ Names or Inducement of Registration Under Other Persons’ Names

Article 21. Registration of Restricted Persons

A Member may not register a person who is not eligible to be a Member, such as a teacher (including a lecturer), a public official, a minor, a student, etc. In cases where he or she falls under Article 6 of this regulation, he or she shall withdraw in writing immediately or without delay.

Article 22. Forced Membership Registration or Sales Contract

A Member may not force the conclusion of a contract for the sale of Goods or exert force on the other party for the purpose of obstructing the cancellation of a purchase or the termination of a contract.

Article 23. Dissemination of False Information or Exaggerated Facts

Article 24. Imposition of Burdens and Duties

A Member may not engage in an act that imposes any burden or duty exceeding “the level prescribed by Presidential Decree” on registered Members and those who wish to register, in any form including subscription fees, sales aids, and training expenses.

Article 25. Acts Regarding Cancellation of Purchase

A Member may not perform any of the following acts:

Article 26. Excessive Purchase or Forced Purchase

Article 27. Sales Activities Using Social Status

A Member may not force others to register as his or her low-level member using his or her social status, or register members by spreading false information that a celebrity, an entertainer, or other person had registered as a Member even though the person is not a member.

Article 28. Forced Communal Living, Separation from Families, and Other Abnormal Business Conduct

A Member may not force a Member or a person who intends to become a Member to leave his or her home for a long period or receive training or live in a communal living arrangement for business purposes against his or her will, or encourage or assist with similar acts.

Article 29. Act of Impersonating Company Employees and Exclusive Rights

Article 30. Exaggerated Advertisement and Neglect of Duty of Information Delivery

A Member may not convey wrong or exaggerated information about the Company’s Goods and allowance payment standards. Nor shall he or she sever contact after the sale of the Goods or deliver only the Goods without follow-up management.

Article 31. Promise of Easy Money and Solicitation of Sales

While explaining the company’s allowance payment criteria, a Member may not encourage customers with the promise of easy money or solicit their investment by stating that Members can make money quickly just by joining, or solicit purchases by persons who are unable to conduct businesses (students, minors, the elderly, incompetent persons, etc.).

Article 32. Use of Members’ Personal Information

A Member may not use information concerning consumers and related Members except as otherwise provided for in the relevant regulations of the Company’s membership activities, such as the delivery of goods/payment, etc.

Article 33. Mass Media Advertising and Sales Activities Using Mass Media Advertising

Article 34. Abuse of Position and Neglect of Duty to Provide Training Support

A Member may not use his or her position to make a burdensome request to a lower-level Member or make a public statement or verbal abuse that significantly affects the qualifications of a lower-level Member, or neglect to stop wrongful business practices or receive allowances without training and sponsoring lower-level Members with due diligence.

Article 35. Criticism of Company and Members

A Member may not deliberately slander the Company or other Members in a public or private place or act in a way that results in defaming the Company or other Members, even if the Member only delivered the facts as they are.

Article 36. Transfer of Member Rights

In no event shall a member transfer or hand over his or her membership qualifications through unofficial channels, or transfer or hand over the rights and status of the sales organization and Members to others.

Article 37. Monetary Transaction and Failure to Deliver Goods

Article 38. Scandal Between Company and Member or between Members

A Member may not perform any of the following acts:

Article 39. Forming Groups within Organization

Members may not form a separate group within the sales organization for purposes other than the sale of the goods (other businesses, socialization, and others) and openly refer to the group using a different name, put the purpose of the group over the sale of Goods, or exercise the personal influence of a Mastership Holder by organizing specific Members or Members in specific regions;

Article 40. Baseless Slander Against Other Members

A Member may not falsely submit collective petitions demanding disciplinary action against another Member without concrete evidence or propose the cancellation of a disciplinary action on the grounds of the resolution of a misunderstanding or conflict after filing a complaint;

Article 41. Unethical Business Conduct

A Member may not perform any of the following acts:

Article 42. Measures Against Cash Appropriation

A Member may not replace sales made in cash by another Member with sales made with the card of the Member or another person to appropriate the cash. This may result in suspension or termination of membership depending on the seriousness of the matter.

Chapter 6. Operation of Member Ethics Committee and Suspension of Membership

Article 43. Operation of Ethics Committee

In order to prevent the establishment of an incorrect business culture and damage to the good faith of other members, the company may take disciplinary actions after a review by the Ethics Committee in case of violation of the Act on Door-to-Door Sales, Etc., or these Regulations, and those subject to disciplinary actions shall comply with the decision.

Article 44. Types of Sanctions

Article 45. Warning and Caution

A Member may be subject to aggravated punishment if he or she receives two or more warnings in total for violation of the membership regulations.

Chapter 7. Withdrawal and Termination

Article 46. Suspension of Member Qualifications

Article 47. Withdrawal

A Member may withdraw from membership on his or her own volition via a notification (written, online, etc.).

Article 48. Termination of Membership (Exclusion)

Article 49. Re-registration of Members

Chapter 8. Public Notice and Non-Specified Matters

Article 50. Public Notice

In order to foster a proper business culture, the Company may publicly announce in writing or through the company’s official website a list of the Members subject to a warning, membership suspension, or membership termination on account of a violation of these regulations.

Article 51. Non-Specified Matters

Matters not specified in these regulations shall be determined in accordance with the relevant laws, other companies’ regulations, and generally accepted commercial practices.


Article 1. Enforcement and Application

These regulations shall enter into force on the date of notification by the Company.

Article 2. Application of Regulations

Except as amended by these regulations and the Act on Door-to-Door Sales, Etc., matters arising before the enforcement of these regulations shall be governed by the provisions before the amendment.

Date Amended: December 20, 2017
Date Printed: December 26, 2017

Atomy Co., Ltd Work Procedure


Exchange of Goods and Cancellation of Purchase

1. Exchange of Goods

In cases where a consumer or a Member points out defects in the content or container of the purchased goods and requests an exchange, the Goods may be exchanged for the same Goods if the request is justified in relation to the warranty terms of the Goods.

2. Unsatisfactory Goods

In cases where a consumer or a Member expresses an intention to return the purchased Goods and requests a refund, the refund may be provided if the request is deemed justified in relation to the warranty terms of the Goods. However, in such cases, the consumer or Member shall return the Goods in accordance with the Act on Door-to-Door Sales, Etc., and express their intention to cancel the purchase in writing, and the Company shall return the balance of the payment for the Goods after deducting the previously paid general commission.

3. Overstock

Refunds are allowed for the return of unused Goods that can be resold. However, the Company may restrict the cancellation of purchases and future purchases of Goods to a Member who overstocked. If a Member does not return the Goods under his or her responsibility even though he or she has received a legitimate return request from a consumer who purchased the Goods, the purchaser may send a direct return request to Atomy Co., Ltd and Atomy Co., Ltd shall refund the amount to the purchaser. Atomy Co., Ltd shall exercise its reimbursement right against the Member who sold the Goods after providing a refund to the consumer (purchaser).

4. Returns Procedure

A non-consumer Member may cancel his or her purchase in writing within three months from the date of concluding the contract, except in cases where the Member falsely notifies the Company of his or her inventory or damages the Goods to the extent that it is difficult to resell them. A Member may return Goods to head office only after preparing a return application form and submitting it to Atomy Co., Ltd along with the purchase order and the transaction details, and acquiring approval for the return.

Atomy Member Ethics Regulation

As a member of Atomy Co., Ltd, I agree to always act with a sense of responsibility and comply with the “Members’ Obligations” specified in the Member Handbook and the following provisions.

1. Maintenance of honor and dignity

As a Member of Atomy Co., Ltd, I will always act sincerely and truthfully, with pride and an exemplary attitude, and a sense of responsibility and community.

2. Compliance with Ethics Regulations and Enforcement Regulations

In conducting Atomy Co., Ltd business, I will familiarize myself with the terms of these Ethics Regulations, the Enforcement Regulations, and other regulations, rules, and guidelines, and engage in business based on them.

3. Obligation of familiarization with marketing plans and accurate notification

Realizing that Atomy Co., Ltd business requires earnest effort, I will familiarize myself with Atomy Co., Ltd’s marketing plans and gain knowledge about the Goods, and will not spread wrong ideas in the course of sales activities and will do my best with regard to continuous education and training. I will accept any disciplinary action from the Company for a violation under the above paragraph.

4. Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

By thoroughly understanding the customer satisfaction level with regard to the Goods sold and taking the required measures, I will make sure that consumers are informed of the quality of the Atomy Co., Ltd Goods without distortion, false information, or exaggeration. I will promptly and accurately handle customer complaints and return requests in accordance with the procedures specified in Atomy Co., Ltd official booklets so that no harm comes to customers.

5. Compliance with relevant national laws and bylaws

In conducting Atomy Co., Ltd business, I will comply with the Act on Door-to-Door Sales, Etc., and other national laws and the regulations established by the Company.

6. Punishment of Members in violation

In case of any violation of the company’s regulations such as these Ethics Regulations and the Enforcement Regulations, said case will be subject to sanctions decided by the Ethics Committee, such as restrictions on damage compensation or purchase of products, suspension of membership activities, suspension of general commission, and termination of membership.

Atomy Global Code of Ethics

Atomy is rewriting the history of network marketing.We resolve to take the lead in establishing a sound global Atomy culture with a belief in prioritizing honesty and integrity, principle-oriented attitude.

I will take responsibility for any violation of the above Code of Ethics and accept any punishment for such violation.

What is Multi-Level Marketing Sales?

This information on multi-level marketing sales is provided in accordance with Article 18 (1) of the Enforcement Rules of the Act on Door-to-Door Sales, Etc., as prescribed by the Fair Trade Commission.

If someone invites you to become a multi-level marketing salesperson

If someone invites you to become a multi-level marketing salesperson, or asks you to join a multi-level marketing sales organization as a multi-level marketing salesperson, please check the following first.

Purchasing or selling goods from a multi-level marketing business entity

What is a Pyramid Scheme Organization?

The following companies are pyramid scheme organizations. If you know of any multi-level marketing sales organization that falls under any of the following, please immediately report to the City/Provincial Office, Korea Fair Trade Commission, police department, business organizations, consumer organizations, etc.